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Product List

Product List

When placing your order, start by deciding what you would like made out of your backstrap and hams.

Backstrap can be used for Jerky, cut into Steaks & Tenderized, or cut into Butterfly Steaks.
If cut into steaks, there are 8 pieces per backstrap or 16 pieces per deer.  There are 4 pieces per vacuum sealed package and 4 packages per deer.

Hams can be cut into Ham Steaks and Tenderized.  The heart piece of the ham can be used for Jerky, Roast, or Cutlets.

Deer hams cut into steaks, make 6 steaks per ham, or 12 steaks per deer.  There are 2 steaks per vacuum sealed package, which equals 3 packages per ham, or 6 packages per deer.

Trim includes any meat that can be taken from the shoulders and ribs, as well as any meat not used in a product listed above.

Products made from trim include:
  • Jalapeno Cheese Link Sausage
    • Our #1 Seller!
  • Polish Sausage
    • We offer garlic-based Polish Link or Pan Sausage in Hot, Medium, and Mild versions.
  • Country Sausage
    • We offer sage-based Country Link or Pan Sausage in Hot, Medium, and Mild versions.
  • Summer Sausage
    • We offer Regular and Jalapeno Cheese flavors.
  • Survival Stix
    • We offer Regular and Jalapeno flavors.
  • Hamburger or Chili ground meat
    • 100% ground wild game meat. However, Pork or Beef can be added upon request.

All trim products are vacuum sealed or bagged in approximately 1 lb packages.


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